All You Need To Know About Types of Woodpeckers

Woodpeckers in the US: State by State

  • Woodpeckers in California (15 Species with ID and Pictures)

    gilded flicker

    Twenty-three woodpecker species reside in the United States, and of those, 15 of them live in California. Here are the woodpeckers that you may spot in California.

  • Woodpeckers in Virginia (9 Species Explained with Pictures)

    Red-cockaded Woodpecker

    Virginia is a beautiful state with relatively mild weather and tons of opportunities to do some birdwatching. The Blue Ridge Mountains, in particular, is an ideal place to go hiking and look for wildlife. So what might you spot if you head out to do some birdwatching in one of Virginias many parks, wilderness areas, … Read more

  • 9 Types of Woodpeckers in Georgia (Explore Great Species)

    Red-Bellied Woodpecker

    Georgia is packed with perfect areas to watch for woodpeckers. From the suburban backyards of Atlanta to the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, you can find these unique birds making their nests, feeding, raising their young, and visiting suet feeders across the state. You don’t have to wait for a certain time of year to watch … Read more

  • The Complete ID Guide: 9 Types of Woodpeckers in Wisconsin

    black backed woodpecker

    With its coastlines on Lake Michigan and Lake Superior, plus 15,000 smaller lakes, Wisconsin is a big attraction to lots of birds, including woodpeckers. Bird lovers have many different areas known as “migrant traps” that they can watch for woodpeckers in, including Horicon and Alma parks, which feature waterways, hiking trails, and other great places … Read more

  • Explore 10 Types of Woodpeckers in Michigan (Common & Rare Species)

    downy woodpecker

    While there have been nearly a dozen species of woodpeckers spotted in Michigan, only eight make the state their home full time.

  • Woodpeckers in Minnesota (Explore 11 Species to Spot)

    black backed woodpecker

    Minnesota can get chilly in the winter, but that doesn’t stop woodpeckers from making this their year-round home. Nine of these species stay in Minnesota year-round despite the chilly winters. Two other species visit during the warmer months but travel out of the state when things get cold. You don’t even have to leave your … Read more

  • Discover All About 8 Brilliant Species of Woodpeckers in Pennsylvania

    pileated woodpecker

    Wonder the woodpeckers in Pennsylvania? Cook Forest State Park is full of opportunities to see all species of woodpeckers in Pennsylvania.

  • 11 Species of Woodpeckers in Ohio (ID and Pictures)

    Red-naped Sapsucker

    Find the species of woodpeckers in Ohio. The buckeye state is known for perfect places to watch for woodpeckers year-round.

  • 10 Types of Woodpeckers in Florida (Common & Rare Species)

    Check the list of woodpeckers you might see in Florida. Bird lovers can reliably spot nine different woodpecker species in Florida.

  • 7 Types of Woodpeckers in North Dakota (The Complete Guide with Pictures)

    North Dakota is a huge state with lots of wilderness and not too many people. In other words, it’s perfect for birds. In fact, you can find seven different woodpecker species in the state and many of them have large populations. North Dakota is truly a bird lover’s secret paradise. If you’re traveling through the … Read more

  • Woodpeckers in Hawaii (Only One Endemic Species)

    Hawaii is undeniably beautiful and full of stunning wildlife, from the unique flowers that don’t grow anywhere else, to the native birds like the nene and the Hawai’i ‘akepa. The Aloha State is even home to one species of woodpecker. Wait a second. Only one? Yep. Because the state is thousands of miles from the … Read more

  • 9 Species of Woodpeckers in New Hampshire (The Detailed Guide with Pictures)

    With their unique coloring, distinctive sound, and extra-long tongues, woodpeckers are pretty unique birds which makes them fun to find. In New Hampshire, whether you live in Portsmouth or make your home in the rural mountains, there are nine different woodpecker species that you can see. Sadly, extensive logging, insect outbreaks, and beaver activity have … Read more

  • 12 Types of Woodpeckers in Wyoming (with Pictures, ID and Information)

    As one of the least populated states in the US, Wyoming is its fair share of wild, open spaces. That’s part of what makes the state so special. But while it might not have as many humans per square mile as some others, it has tons and tons of bird inhabitants.  In addition to hundreds … Read more

  • 14 Types of Woodpeckers in Nevada (All Species with Pictures)

    Nevada is fortunate in that it has over a dozen species of woodpeckers, sapsuckers, and flickers that visit or make the state their home. That’s more than almost any other state in the US! From the common and brave downy woodpecker to the rare and shy black-backed woodpecker, there are lots of these unique and … Read more

  • 10 Species of Woodpeckers in South Dakota (Common and Rare Species)

    South Dakota is a vast state with an extremely diverse landscape that is home to hundreds of species of birds, including 10 different woodpeckers. Whether you’re exploring the Black Hills, hiking the George S. Mickelson Trail, or just hanging out in Sioux Falls or Rapid City, there’s no doubt you can find a few woodpeckers … Read more

  • Woodpeckers in Mississippi (9 Species with Pictures)

    Woodpeckers are exciting birds to find. They have such striking colors and they’re not as common as some of the birds that nest in our yards and forests. Plus, it’s fun to watch them work to find food in logs and trees. Mississippi is home to some pretty extraordinary wilderness areas, which means you have … Read more

  • Woodpeckers in Delaware

    It’s always exciting to see a woodpecker, with their bright coloring and striking silhouette, they’re easy to recognize. Delaware is home to seven different species of woodpeckers, so whether you’re visiting or you live in The First State, there are lots of opportunities to see them. Delaware is also home to some incredibly important refuge … Read more

  • 7 Types of Woodpeckers in Rhode Island (ID and Pictures)

    Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States and a lot of people assume that means there aren’t many good places to go bird watching. That’s not true! From the Ninigret National Wildlife Refuge to the Rhode Island Coastal Birding Trail, there are many places where you can work on your Big Year. … Read more

  • 9 Types of Woodpeckers in Vermont (The Comprehensive Guide)

    For such a small state in terms of area, Vermont has more than its fair share of birdwatching spots. With a seemingly endless array of creeks, mountains, wildlife refuges, and wilderness areas, it’s almost as easy as stepping outside your door to spot a handful of woodpeckers in Vermont. Only the Hairy, Downy, and Pileated … Read more

  • Woodpeckers in Nebraska (Explore 13 Amazing Species)

    Nebraska is home to half a dozen woodpeckers, but you can actually find up to 13 species in the state. It’s an excellent place if you’re hoping to fill out your birdwatching Life List. While species like Downy and Hairy woodpeckers live there year-round and will hang out at backyard suet feeders, Acorn and Williamson’s … Read more

  • 9 Species of Woodpeckers in Louisiana

    From the bayous to Driskill Mountain, Louisana has a wealth of beautiful areas to look for birds like woodpeckers.  There are eight species of these distinctive birds that you can find in Louisana fairly easily. Then, there’s one additional species that will earn you all kinds of accolades if you can find it. Don’t worry, … Read more

  • Woodpeckers in Iowa (7 Species with Pictures)

    If you love birdwatching, Iowa is a good state to start your adventures in. Not only is the state home to an incredible range of bird species, but you can find seven woodpeckers in Iowa, as well. You don’t need to leave the city to find them, either. Most of the species on this list … Read more

  • 8 Species of Woodpeckers in Kansas

    Kansas is home to some of the very last parts of the tallgrass prairie, which once covered 170 million acres of North America. Not only is this a beautiful part of America to visit, but it also happens to be a favorite haunt of several species of woodpeckers. There are eight species of woodpeckers in … Read more

  • The Comprehensive Guide of 9 Types of Woodpeckers in Oklahoma

    Oklahoma is home to some pretty diverse landscapes. Nature lovers can go exploring in the rich hills of Quartz Mountain State Park, while the Black Mesa area offers a stark, simple beauty that is home to some hard-to-find woodpeckers.  Thanks to its central location in the country, bird lovers can find 11 different species of … Read more

  • Woodpeckers in Kentucky (7 Amazing Species with Pictures)

    From the stunning Bluegrass region to the luscious Green River region, Kentucky is a pretty beautiful state with lots of places to experience the wonders of nature. For birdwatchers, Kentucky is a woodpecker wonderland. You can find seven species in the state and most of them are there all year long. You can take a … Read more

  • 8 Types of Woodpeckers in Arkansas (Identification with Pictures)

    As the home of the Ozarks and the birthplace of the first National River in the United States, Arkansas has some pretty beautiful landscapes. That makes it easy for visitors and citizens to spot wildlife such as woodpeckers.  There are eight woodpecker species in Arkansas, including the massive and majestic Pileated woodpecker and the petite … Read more

  • 8 Types of Woodpeckers in Alabama

    From the Little River Canyon to the suburbs of Birmingham, Alabama is home to tons of woodpeckers. These birds are a favorite of birdwatchers because they’re pretty distinctive. They have a look all their own, and if you hear that characteristics tapping, you know to start looking because one is sure to be nearby. There … Read more

  • 7 Types of Woodpeckers in Tennessee (with Pictures)

    Tennessee is a beautiful state with the majestic Great Smoky National Park acting as a majestic crown jewel. But there’s more to the Volunteer state than just that. It’s jam-packed with beauty from the rugged Unaka Mountains region to the Cumberland Plateau. Woodpeckers are one of the many types of birds that make Tennessee their … Read more

  • Explore 7 Species of Woodpeckers in West Virginia

    Home to part of the Appalachian trail, the scenic Bluestone River, and the New River Gorge, West Virginia has more than its share of stunning natural areas. That makes it a playground for hikers and explorers, but also for avid birdwatchers. The state is home to seven species of woodpeckers, all of which make West … Read more

  • 8 Amazing Woodpeckers in South Carolina (with Pictures)

    South Carolina extends from the beautiful coastline of the Atlantic to the highland peaks of the Appalachians. In between, there are beautiful parks, wilderness areas, cities, and forests. That means that woodpecker lovers have multiple opportunities to see the eight different species that make their home in the state. Congaree National Park, for instance, is … Read more

  • Woodpeckers in Maryland (7 Amazing Species to Spot)

    Maryland might be a small state in size, but it has plenty of places to do some good birdwatching. Bird lovers can find seven different species of woodpeckers in Maryland, and six of them stay in the state all year long. You have plenty of opportunities to see these distinctive birds. With its extensive coastline … Read more

  • 7 Species of Woodpeckers in Connecticut

    If you live in Connecticut, you are probably familiar with the sound of staccato pecking in the spring. That’s when woodpeckers are busy making nests and breeding in the state. There are seven species of woodpeckers in Connecticut, and nearly all of them live in the area all year-round.  Connecticut offers a few excellent places … Read more

  • 9 Types of Woodpeckers in Maine (with Detailed Pictures)

    As the most northeast state in the US, Maine has some extremely cold winters and warm summers. The state features miles and miles of coastline in addition to the majestic granite mountains in Acadia National Park.  While many people know that moose and lighthouses are familiar sights, locals know that woodpeckers and other birds can … Read more

  • 9 Species of Woodpeckers in New York (Detailed Guide with Pictures)

    New York state boasts some incredibly varied landscapes. New York City is the most populated city in all the United States, but just a few hours away is rural, upstate New York, where you can find vast wooded forests and expansive fields and hills. Whether you’re hiking through Central Park or looking out the windows … Read more

  • Explore 7 Species of Woodpeckers in New Jersey (NJ)

    With miles of coastline and plenty of woody areas, the Garden State is a hotspot for watching birds. If your interest is in spotting woodpeckers, New Jersey is home to seven unique species, including the common Downy woodpecker and the less common Yellow-bellied sapsucker. Whether you want to do some strolling through one of the … Read more

  • 7 Types of Woodpeckers in Massachusetts (with Pictures)

    Massachusetts may be small compared to some of the large states in the midwest and western part of the United States, but that doesn’t mean that your opportunities to spot woodpeckers are slim.  The state is home to seven different woodpecker species, including the common downy woodpecker and the not-so-common yellow-bellied sapsucker. A lot of … Read more

  • 11 Types of Woodpeckers in Washington State

    Washington state is home to some pretty majestic mountains like the towering Mt. Rainer.  People love to visit the mountains for all kinds of recreation such as hiking, rock climbing, skiing, and swimming in the many lakes.  Do you know who else loves Washington’s mountains? Woodpeckers!  You can see 11 different woodpecker species in Washington … Read more

  • 7 Types of Woodpeckers in Alaska (w/ Close-Up Pictures)

    Alaska boasts some of the most rugged, wild, and diverse landscapes in all of the United States. Where there are forests (which is much of Alaska) there are woodpeckers. Birdwatchers in Alaska are spoiled with riches. Not only are there seven species of woodpeckers that you can spot, but there are numerous areas you can … Read more

  • 12 Species of Woodpeckers in New Mexico (with Pictures)

    At the southern end of the Rocky Mountain range sits beautiful New Mexico. Whether you enjoy hiking, mountain biking, skiing, water sports, ghost town hunting, or just exploring the great American southwest, New Mexico has it all.  The state is also home to 12 different species of woodpeckers, one of which is only found in … Read more

  • 12 Species of Woodpeckers in Oregon (Identification Guide with Pictures)

    Oregon is a stunning state with a varied landscape. From the lush rainforests of the coast and the jagged volcanic peaks of the Cascades, to the arid desert and Wallowa range of the east, the state has some extraordinary places to do some birdwatching.  There are 12 species that you can find in Oregon, though … Read more

  • 11 Types of Woodpeckers in Utah

    It’s pretty hard to beat Utah when it comes to wild, natural areas. The state has five National Parks and tons of smaller National Monuments and state parks. Not only does this mean that you can have a lot of outdoor adventures in Utah, but you can also spot a lot of different woodpeckers. Regardless … Read more

  • 10 Species of Woodpeckers in Montana (Detailed List)

    The Big Sky state is enormous, with a massive variation in landscape, from jagged peaks to flat prairies. It isn’t the most hospitable environment for some birds, with brutal winters and hot summers. But even still, at least ten woodpeckers made Montana their home for at least part of the year.  Between Glacier National Park, … Read more

  • 15 Types of Woodpeckers in Idaho (Explore Amazing Species)

    Idaho is packed full of beautiful natural scenery, whether you’re strolling down the riverfront in Boise or exploring Shoshone Falls Park. No matter where you go, you’re bound to see at least one or two different woodpeckers in Idaho. The state is home to 15 different species of woodpeckers, though not all of them stay … Read more

  • 12 Types of Woodpeckers in Colorado (Explained with Pictures)

    Colorado is a beautiful state, with the majestic Rocky Mountains dominating the western part. On the eastern half, you can find arid deserts and flat, open landscapes.  The delightful mix of these two landscapes in Colorado appeals to both humans and woodpeckers, making the state a perfect one for birdwatching.  Whether you’re looking out into … Read more

  • 7 Species of Woodpeckers in Illinois (Full List)

    Head outside to a forested or wilderness area in Illinois, and you’re bound to hear the tell-tale sound of a woodpecker drilling holes with its beak into a tree or utility pole.  Illinois is home to seven different species of woodpeckers, from the tiny yellow-bellied sapsucker to the substantial pileated woodpecker. These birds make their … Read more

  • 7 Species Of Woodpeckers in Indiana

    From its urban centers to its majestic dunes, and its miles of shoreline along Lake Michigan, Indiana has lots of spectacular areas to do some birdwatching. Northern Indiana is particularly an excellent place to look for woodpeckers, since many different species of birds flock close to bodies of water, like Lake Michigan. Woodpeckers are particularly … Read more

  • 7 Types of Woodpeckers in Missouri (Explained with Pictures)

    From St. Louis to Kansas City, and Springfield to Branson, Missouri has a lot to offer. On top of the marvelous restaurants, museums, and parks, Missouri is an excellent state to watch for birds. With endless different wilderness areas, you can spot over 400 species, including seven species of woodpeckers.  Most woodpeckers in Missouri are … Read more

  • 14 Types of Woodpeckers in Texas (with Pictures)

    Texas is a big state with a huge range of environments. Not only does that mean it has plenty to explore, but it also means that birdwatchers have the chance to spot a large number of different species. In fact, if you keep an eye out, you might spot 14 different types of woodpeckers in … Read more

  • 14 Species of Woodpeckers in Arizona (Information Guide with Pictures)

    Arizona is known for its beautiful desert landscape. Luckily for birdwatchers, woodpeckers love the beautiful landscape just as much as we do. There are 14 species that visit the state and about a dozen that make it their home year-round.  You can just sit in your backyard and wait for the birds to come and … Read more

  • Meet 9 Types of Woodpeckers in North Carolina

    North Carolina boasts some pretty stunning nature areas, like the Appalachian Trail, the Blue Ridge Parkway, Cape Hatteras, and, of course, the Great Smoky Mountains.  That means that North Carolinians have some pretty exceptional opportunities to spot birds like woodpeckers in their natural habitat. Woodpeckers feed on nuts, sap, insects, and seeds, and they mostly … Read more