OWLS: All You Need to Know About Them

  • Why Do Owls Hoot? Behavior Explained!

    why do owls hoot

    Owls are characterized as solitary and nocturnal birds. They are part of the Strigiformes order that encompasses two extant families – Strigidae and Tytonidae, each referring to typical owls and barn owls, respectively. Besides their upright, imposing stance, owls are known for the specific sound they make – the hoot. This is attributed to both … Read more

  • How Long Do Owls Live? [OLDEST OWLS + Lifespan]

    how long do owls live

    Owls are raptors with sharp talons and beaks designed to grasp and rip open their prey. Most of the 200 species in the order Strigiformes hunt silently at night, with eyes well-suited to seeing in low light.  These birds occupy habitats worldwide except for the polar regions and isolated islands. The two families in this … Read more

  • Do Owls Poop or Is It an Owl Pellet {Surprising Truth}

    do owls poop

    Many animals experience digestion, where food is broken down and distributed through the body and things that cannot be used are removed. However, owls are different. Owls have two ways of getting rid of waste from their food that are as different as day and night. There is a distinct difference between owl poop and … Read more

  • Do Owls Eat Cats?

    do owls eat cats

    It can be difficult to understand how animals of a similar size and rank in the food chain can become predators and prey. Though owls lack teeth to chew their food, their diet mainly consists of meat, even animals near the top of the food chain that you wouldn’t expect. There is a large array … Read more

  • Do Owls Eat Snakes? (All You Need to Know)

    do owls eat snakes

    Owls have been known as some of the best bird hunters around. With that in mind, you may be wondering what their diet consists of and whether or not they take on other animal predators like snakes. This article will answer that question and take a look at what owls eat. Do Owls Eat Snakes? … Read more

  • Do Owls Eat Rabbits? – All You Want to Know

    do owls eat rabbits

    Owls are nocturnal predators. They hunt a variety of wildlife, even animals in your backyard. If you’ve seen stray rabbit fur or even rabbit body parts, you may be curious if your local owl is the hunter responsible. Many owls, such as the Great Horned Owl, the Barn Owl, and the Eagle Owl, eat rabbits … Read more

  • Do Owls Eat Bats? – All You Want to Know

    do owls eat bats

    Owls are extremely interesting creatures, and the variety of their diets only adds to their intriguing nature. Since owls and bats are nocturnal animals, it is only natural to wonder how they interact. Most owls eat a variety of small mammals like mice and squirrels. However, large and medium-sized owls are also known to eat … Read more

  • Do Owls Eat Squirrels? – Get the Answer Now

    Eastern Screech Owl

    Owls are opportunistic hunters, and they generally eat whatever type of prey they can find.   Do owls eat squirrels? Owls will hunt and eat squirrels if they are presented with the opportunity.  Owls hunt all kinds of rodents and many other small creatures, including squirrels. Some owls are selective with their food and may not … Read more

  • 8 Types of Owls in Indiana (with ID and Pictures)

    barn owl

    Explore the list of the 8 different species of owls inhabiting Indiana. There are about 8 different species of owls that live in Indiana.

  • 2 Types of Owls in Hawaii: Meet an Endemic Species aka the Pueos

    With its tropical climate and vast distance from any other land masses, Hawaii has some pretty spectacular wildlife, including just two species of owls. One owl is native to the island, while the other was introduced and quickly became invasive. The first is the Hawaiin short-eared owl and the second is the barn owl. There … Read more

  • 8 Types of Owls in Rhode Island (with Pictures)

    As the tiniest state in the US, you might expect Rhode Island to have an equally petite owl population. If you thought that, you’d be wrong. The state is home to eight different species of owls, and most of them live in Rhode Island all year long. That’s excellent news if you’re hoping to find … Read more

  • 10 Types of Owls in Alaska (The Guide with Pictures)

    Alaska is an incredibly diverse state, with rugged mountains, vast wilderness, and extensive coastlines.  Among the many majestic creatures you can find making the “The Last Frontier” their home are ten different species of owls. From the majestic star of Harry Potter, the snowy owl, to the rare northern pygmy owl, there are so many … Read more

  • 8 Species of Owls in Connecticut (The Complete Guide)

    Connecticut is a pretty tiny state, but that doesn’t mean you can’t see a lot of different birds there. You can find eight species of owls in Connecticut, and most of them make the state their home all year long, so you can see them anytime you care to look. While you can certainly spot … Read more

  • 8 Types of Owls in Louisiana (with Pictures)

    Louisiana is smackdab in the middle of a migratory flyway for thousands of birds, so it’s the perfect place to look for all kinds of species, including owls. It also has a warm subtropical climate, lots of wilderness areas, and lots of forests to lose yourself in. There are eight species of owls that make … Read more

  • 8 Types of Owls in Arkansas: All You Need To Know About

    While it’s exciting to see hawks, vultures, and other day-time hunting raptors, it’s a special treat to see owls. These mysterious birds are harder to find, not just because they often hunt at night, but because they also often have incredibly good camouflage. Most of them are also silent hunters, though they’ll make interesting hoots, … Read more

  • Owls in Mississippi: 8 Species Explained to Identify

    Because of its extensive coastline, the might Mississippi river, and wetlands, Mississippi is famous as a birding destination to see waterfowl and other water-loving birds. But the state also happens to be home to eight different owl species. Unique to the area is what is known as the spring “fallout” when migrating birds cross the … Read more

  • Owls in Florida: 8 Species You Want to Know About

    As the southernmost US state and home to miles after miles of beaches (not to mention a warm, tropical climate), Florida is an attractive spot for retirees and wintering birds alike. The state is home to eight species of owls, but about half of them will only visit during the winter months when other parts … Read more

  • 8 Types of Owls in Alabama (with Pictures)

    With the Appalachian Mountains to the north and the majestic coastline to the south, along with National Parks and wildlife areas scattered in between, Alabama is a bird-watching hotbed. If you happen to be an owl lover, you’re in luck. Alabama is home to eight different owl species. Some live in the state all year … Read more

  • 9 Types of Owls in Georgia (The Complete Guide with Pictures)

    The Georgia coast, especially the southern areas, is perfect for birding since so much of the area is protected wilderness. But don’t forget about the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge and the Appalachian Mountains. The state also boasts many other wildlife refuges, where beautiful owls like to spend their time hunting and nesting. In fact, Georgia … Read more

  • 8 Species of Owls in South Carolina (Identify with Pictures)

    With its myriad sea islands, tropical climate, miles of beaches, and spectacular mountains, South Carolina has a lot going for it. That’s especially true if you are a fan of bird watching. The state is home to eight different owl species that dedicated watchers can find.  Five of these birds regularly make the Palmetto state … Read more

  • Owls in New Hampshire (8 Species Explained with Pictures)

    With its vast expanses of wilderness and quaint, welcoming towns, New Hampshire is a bird-watchers paradise. Head out onto the Appalachian Trail or climb Mount Washington and you’re certain to find a massive array of birds, including eight different species of owls, which make New Hampshire their home either year-round or for just part of … Read more

  • 8 Types of Owls in Maine (ID Guide with Pictures)

    Maine has a well-earned reputation for its majestic landscape, from the rough and rocky shores of the coast and its many islands, to the magnificent granite mountains of the Appalachian range. Throughout that landscape, you can find an incredible number of birds, including eight species of owls. Of course, you’re more likely to find owls … Read more

  • 8 Gorgeous Types of Owls in North Carolina

    The Tar Heel state boasts a moderate climate, miles of sandy beaches, striking wilderness areas, and majestic Appalachian mountains. North Carolina is also lucky enough to be home to eight different owl species. Whether you’re bird-watching on the South Carolina border or wandering along Carolina Beach, there are likely several owls nearby just waiting for … Read more

  • 9 Types of Owls in Vermont: All You Need to Know About

    Owls are stunning animals and they’re all the more interesting because they can be so elusive. Most of them only hunt during the night, though you can find some during the day. But that’s part of what makes them so fascinating, right? Your best bet for locating an owl is to hunker down and listen … Read more

  • 9 Types of Owls in Massachusetts (Identification and Pictures)

    From Cape Cod to Boston and Pittsfield to Plymouth, there are lots of opportunities to see owls in Massachusetts. There are nine different species that make The Bay State their home. Some visit only during the winter or breeding season, and others live there all year long. City slickers, suburbanites, and rural dwellers alike all … Read more

  • Bird Watching Guide: 10 Common Types of Owls in New York

    If you’re an owl-lover and you want to add more of them to your birding life list, then New York state is a great place to be. There are ten different species that make the state their home, whether that’s just for part of the year as they migrate through or all year long. It’s … Read more

  • 8 Types of Owls in New Jersey: All You Need to Know

    As you might expect from the Garden State, New Jersey is home to a huge array of different birds including eight different species of owls. Owls aren’t friendly creatures. They tend to avoid humans, so you must practice a bit of patience when looking for them. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you must head to … Read more

  • 8 Types of Owls in Delaware: The Comprehensive ID Guide

    Delaware might be an incredibly tiny state, but it’s home to a surprising array of birds, including eight different owl species. Many people assume that because the state is so small, it isn’t worth doing any serious birdwatching in, unless you’re looking for seabirds, but nothing could be further from the truth. While many owls, … Read more

  • 8 Types of Owls in Maryland (with Pictures)

    Owls capture the imagination with their bright, large eyes and their nocturnal habits. No wonder they’re a popular feature in mythological tales and modern movies alike. If you’d like to see owls in their natural habitat, you don’t need to look any further than your own backyard. There are eight different species of owls that … Read more

  • 8 Fantastic Species of Owls in Virginia

    Is there any bird that captures the imagination quite like owls? These majestic raptors tend to hunt at night or in the early morning or late evening hours. That makes them difficult to find, since they tend to disappear into the darkness. They’re a popular icon in mythology, fantasy, and literary tales old and new. … Read more

  • Owls in Illinois: 9 Amazing Species with Pictures

    Illinois offers up some pretty fantastic landscapes, and whether you live in the bustling city of Chicago or on some of the state’s millions of acres of farmland, you can spot owls going about their daily business. While most owls stay out of dense urban areas, you can occasionally find them in parks and cemeteries. … Read more

  • 8 Types of Owls in Missouri

    There’s a reason that owls capture the imagination of so many people. They’re a classic part of fairy tales and science fiction, and they’re a part of myths and legends across the world. In Missouri, you can find eight different owl species that live or visit the Show-Me State. Obviously, birding hotspots like Big Oak … Read more

  • 7 Types of Owls in Tennessee

    Tennessee covers an astonishing range of landscapes, from the river lands near the mighty mighty Mississippi to the towering peaks of the Appalachian mountains. From the city streets of Nashville and good old Jackson, to the wilderness of the state’s many wildlife refuges, bird lovers have endless options for checking out the seven species of … Read more

  • Explore 7 Types of Owls in Kentucky

    Kentucky, with its beautiful and varied landscapes, is home to seven different species of owls. You can find the common Great Horned Owl and the Eastern Screech Owl anywhere, from the massive Land Between the Lakes area to the city streets of Louisville, Lexington, and Frankfort. While owls are mostly night hunters, you can find … Read more

  • 9 Types of Owls in Ohio – ID Guide & Pictures

    Owls are incredible creatures with their piercing eyes and majestic flight. If you’re a fan of birdwatching, then no doubt you want to see as many of them as possible. If you live in or are visiting the Buckeye State, then you are in luck. You can find nine different species in Ohio. While the … Read more

  • Owls in West Virginia: 8 Species Explained

    West Virginia is small and it doesn’t have the dramatic variation in range that some of the surrounding states do. You won’t find drastic changes in the environment from one end of the state to the other. But despite that, what you will find is seven species of owls (with one species that may come … Read more

  • 8 Types of Owls in Pennsylvania: ID Guide with Pictures

    Pennsylvania stands out from other states because it is both incredibly densely populated and also full of wide-open rural areas. In the east are Philadelphia, Scranton, and Allentown, with Pittsburgh in the east. But in between, birders can find an astounding array of species, including eight different owls. While you can often see Great Horned … Read more

  • Everything You Need to Know About 9 Types of Owls in Wisconsin

    It might be known as the Badger State, but Wisconsin is also home to large populations of nine different owls. Some of these are common across the United States, like the Great Horned Owl. But some, like the Great Gray Owl and the Snowy Owl, are rare visitors and a real treat if you can … Read more

  • Owls in Michigan: Explore 10 Types of Owls

    Michigan may have freezing cold winters, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a perfect place to look for birds of all kinds all year long. In fact, the state is home to 10 different owl species, a few of which are incredibly rare across the rest of the country. While you can certainly find owls … Read more

  • 12 Types of Owls in Minnesota – with Pictures

    With 10,000 lakes, Minnesota is a birding paradise. Despite the dramatic temperature swings, which can go from downright frigid to sunny and hot over several months, there is an incredibly range of avian friends to find. When it comes to owls, there are a dozen different species in Minnesota. Those in the northern part of … Read more

  • Explore 9 Species of Owls in Nebraska (ID and Pictures)

    Bird watchers know that Nebraska is home to a surprising range of habitats, from hardwood forests and across vast prairies to pine forests and rolling grasslands. Plus, there is lots of water in the form of rivers, lakes, and ponds across the Cornhusker State, meaning that it is a haven for dozens of species of … Read more

  • Owls in Iowa: Explore 9 Amazing Species

    Iowa has a reputation for being a series of cities, agricultural fields, and cattle farms, which might make you suspect that it isn’t ideal for seeing birds such as owls. On the contrary, the state is home to nine different species of owls, and many of them stick around all year long. That means whether … Read more

  • 9 Types of Owls in Kansas (ID Guide with Pictures)

    Situated in the center of the country, Kansas is home to hundreds of species of birds and nine different species of owls. From the massive and majestic Great Horned Owl to the rare and stunning Snowy Owl, bird-lovers are lucky enough to be able to see a wide range of owls. Bird lovers know that … Read more

  • Owls in Oklahoma: 9 Types of Owls with Pictures

    Owls are so incredibly interesting. They’re beautiful and unusual, and if you get the chance to see them hunting, then you know they’re extremely powerful. They’re also a bit more challenging to find than many other species of birds. Many migratory birds make their way through Oklahoma throughout the year, including a few species of … Read more

  • 12 Types of Owls in Wyoming: The Detailed Guide and Pictures

    Birdwatchers in the Cowboy State are lucky enough to be able to see 12 species of owls. Some of them, like the snowy owl, are rare and might only be spotted now and during the winter. Others, like the great horned owl, live in Wyoming all year long. Of course, Wyoming’s exceptional national parks like … Read more

  • Owls in Colorado: Learn & Identify 12 Types of Owls

    Colorado is home to hundreds of species of birds and 12 different owls. From Durango to Sterling, there are an endless number of places where you can view these majestic raptors. While the avian population has been declining in many areas, there are still many places in Colorado where the birds are still abundant. On … Read more

  • 13 Types of Owls in Texas (Explained with Pictures)

    Texas sits in a sweet spot near the Pacific Ocean, the western desert interior of North America, and the eastern half of the country. That means it gets to see hundreds of species of different birds. Some live there all year long, while others visit the state as they migrate on through.  When it comes … Read more

  • 11 Species of Owls in North Dakota (with Pictures)

    The central flyway is a stretch of the middle of North America where many birds live and migrate. North Dakota is smack-dab in the center of this flyway, which means that hundreds of species of birds live or cross through the state. If you’re a big fan of owls, North Dakota is an excellent place … Read more

  • 10 Types of Owls in South Dakota (with Pictures)

    South Dakota is a beautiful state, with a wealth of wild and rural areas as well as urban centers like Sioux Falls and Rapid City. No matter where you’re hanging out, you can see an incredible array of birds, including 10 different species of owls.  If you’re looking to do some serious owl-watching, head to … Read more

  • All You Need to Know About 15 Types of Owls in Montana

    The Big Sky state boasts some pretty stunning landscapes. From the striking Yellowstone geysers to the native grasslands of the great plains, there are endless places to do some seriously great birdwatching.  Owl lovers, in particular, are particularly spoiled. There are 15 different species of owls that live in Montana for at least part of … Read more