Waterfowl Birds: Ducks, Geese and Swans Facts

  • Why Are Swans Aggressive?

    Why Are Swans Aggressive

    As elegant and charming as they are, swans can also be quite aggressive sometimes. But why do they engage in such threatening behavior? Swans become aggressive primarily during the breeding and nesting season because they try to protect their mates and young. On the other hand, they tend to be more aggressive toward their conspecifics…

  • Why Are Geese Aggressive? Reasons, Signs, and How to React

    Why are geese aggressive

    Geese become aggressive and loud when humans, other birds, or animals trespass on their territory.

  • What Do Geese Eat?

    what do geese eat

    Geese are large waterfowl in the Anatidae family with long, curving necks, short legs, and webbed feet. These large birds are closely related to ducks and swans, often living with them around wetlands, lakes, ponds, and rivers.  Like ducks and swans, geese are grazing herbivores. Their diet primarily consists of grasses, seeds, and aquatic plants.…

  • How Long Do GEESE Live? [Discover the Fascinating Lifespan]

    Greylag Geese

    Geese are species of waterfowl in the family of Anatidae, found in waterbodies worldwide, including rivers, lakes, ponds, reservoirs, bays, and oceans. Two genera of birds in the Anatidae family contain all of the true geese, seven of which live in North America. Most wild Canada Geese can live an average of 10 to 25…

  • How Long Do Ducks Live? – Unveiling the Incredible Duck Lifespan

    how long do ducks live

    Ducks are small waterfowl that live on every continent and in every type of water, including lakes, ponds, rivers, and oceans. They have adapted to life in many climate types as long as they have constant access to a water source. The lifespan of a duck varies, on average, from five to ten years, depending…

  • Do Swans Mate For Life?

    do swans mate for life

    For many people, swans are the birds that people picture when they think of love. Images of swans with their necks twined around each other or in the shape of a heart abound in popular culture. But do these elegant white birds deserve their doting reputation? In a word: yes! Swans form monogamous pairs that…

  • Do Geese Mate for Life?

    do geese mate for life

    Geese are a species of waterfowl that spend most of their lives around water in wetlands, lakes, and rivers. They also live in open areas such as fields, parks, lawns, and golf courses. They are related to ducks and swans and are classified in the same order (Anseriformes). These birds gather in large flocks throughout…

  • Do Geese Have Teeth? (The Fact Explained)

    Gray goose teeth

    Geese don’t have teeth. Although it looks as though geese have teeth along their beaks and tongues, those spikes are called tomia.

  • Can Swans Fly? How Far, High and Fast?

    can swans fly

    Swans are large-bodied waterfowl that spend most of their lives gliding gracefully across the surfaces of lakes, ponds, rivers, and reservoirs. They are in North America, parts of South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. In addition to gracefully gliding across the water, swans fly in a distinctive pose with their long necks outstretched and large…

  • Goose vs Duck: The Key Differences

    Canada goose

    In North America, waterfowl are one of the most diverse groups of birds that most of us are likely to see on a regular basis – over 40 different native species alone – and unlike most passerine birds (small, perching birds like pigeons, warblers, and sparrows), waterfowl are quite conspicuous. This diversity can be a…

  • Can Ducks Eat Grapes? – Answered in Detail

    can ducks eat grapes

    Establishing a nutritious diet for our furry friends is challenging because we should always check whether the product we plan to offer them is safe or toxic. The same applies to ducks.  If you want to add some tasty snacks into their diet, you should always check whether that specific fruit, vegetable, or seed won’t…

  • Can Ducks Eat Tomatoes? All You Need to Know

    can ducks eat tomatoes

    Ducks are omnivorous animals, meaning they’ll eat both animal and plant matter. But what exactly do they eat? Do they enjoy fruits or vegetables besides grass and seeds? What about one of the most nutritious fruits we add to salads, the tomatoes? Here’s a short answer: yes, ducks can eat tomatoes. But will they? Let’s…

  • Do Ducks Eat Fish? All You Need to Know

    do ducks eat fish

    There’s one thing we know for sure – ducks definitely enjoy eating seeds! But what else do they eat in the wild? Since they’re primarily aquatic birds and spend most of their time in the water, do they feed on fish species? We’ve noticed they often completely submerge under the water for feeding. Sea ducks…

  • Can Ducks Eat Pumpkin? (Also Pumpkin Seed and Skin)

    can ducks eat pumpkin

    If you’re planning to grow ducks, you probably already know that providing them with nutritious foods is one of the most valuable secrets to growing healthy ducks! Or maybe you just want to feed the wild ducks you’ve spotted in a nearby park and wonder what they usually eat. In any case, we’ll tell you…

  • Can Ducks Eat Apples? [Answered]

    can ducks eat apples

    First and foremost, raising ducks implies learning everything about their feeding habits and nutritional needs, as these are the key to growing healthy and happy ducks! While it’s generally recommended to purchase commercial duck feeds that contain the “all-inclusive nutritional pack,” you can sometimes give them homemade treats. If you’re wondering whether you can feed…

  • Can Ducks Eat Corn? All Your Questions Answered!

    can ducks eat corn

    If you’re planning to raise ducks or just want to feed some in a nearby park, you should definitely learn what ducks can and cannot eat, as their diet has a major influence on their well-being. Some of the most common questions regarding a duck’s diet have to do with corn. Can ducks eat corn?…

  • What is a Group of Geese Called? (All Collective Nouns)

    a group of Canadian geese

    Geese are waterfowl in the same family, Anatidae, as ducks and swans. Two genera of true geese comprise the goose branch of the family. True geese are generally larger than ducks but smaller than swans. Geese often gather in groups. People commonly call a group of geese a Gaggle, presumably because of how noisy they…

  • What is a Group of Swans Called? (All Collective Nouns)

    what is a group of swans called

    Swans are waterfowl with long, gracefully curving necks, recognizable by everyone. These iconic birds are in the same family as ducks and geese. Swans comprise the genus Cygnus, which contains six extant swan species distributed worldwide except in Antarctica. Multiple swans often congregate on the water in large, gregarious groups, especially during winter. The collective…

  • What is a Group of Ducks Called? (All Collective Nouns)

    group of ducks

    Ducks are semi-aquatic birds found in wet habitats on every continent except Antarctica. These waterfowl are very social and usually flock together in groups. Within these large groups, ducks can be quite noisy and they often draw attention to themselves.  Most ducks like mallard ducks, eider ducks and muscovy ducks can be found flying, swimming,…