Why Do Hummingbirds Disappear? (6 Reasons)

Why Do Hummingbirds Disappear

Although tiny, hummingbirds are renowned for their unique plumage and long beaks specialized for nectar feeding. One is undoubtedly lucky to have these gorgeous birds in their backyard! But what if they suddenly disappear? Many bird enthusiasts reported such out-of-the-blue hummingbird disappearances. What prompts them to leave? Do they feel threatened somehow, or is there … Read more

12 Black Birds with Yellow Beaks

Alpine Chough

We’re sure that if you’re a bird enthusiast, the birds we’ll share today will end up on your must-see species! All the species we’ve chosen for our list of black birds with yellow beaks are stunningly beautiful, and each has an interesting trait that makes them unique! As such, keep reading to discover more about … Read more

Why Birds Fly in Circles? (6 Reasons)

Why Birds Fly in Circles

Seeing a group of birds flying in circles is undoubtedly a delightful experience, as they seem to emanate calmness and peace! But what precisely stands behind this behavior? Are they doing this out of necessity or pleasure? Some birds fly in circles to preserve energy or to invite others to join their migration route. Birds … Read more

Why Do Birds Fly In Front of Cars? Reasons and Statistics

Why Do Birds Fly In Front of Cars

Almost every driver has experienced this at least once – a confused bird swooping down from the sky and flying directly into the car. It’s undoubtedly a heart-breaking incident and makes one wonder what caused it. What stands behind this behavior? Are these birds purposely putting themselves in harm’s way? Are they lost and confused? … Read more

Why Do Birds Eat Rocks! Find Out About Gastroliths!

Why Do Birds Eat Rocks

One fascinating avian behavior has aroused the interest of scientists and enthusiasts – the ingestion of rocks. Did you know that birds aren’t the only animals that consume rocks? Besides birds, crocodiles, alligators, sea lions, and seals are also known to swallow stones. Paleontologists believe that this behavior goes back to when dinosaurs were alive! … Read more

Why Do Birds Eat Their Babies’ Poop? The Fascinating Truth!

why do birds eat their babies poop

If you’re a bird-watching enthusiast and had the opportunity to observe a bird nest closely, you’ve probably noticed that some birds eat their babies’ poop. Shortly after the adult feeds the nestling, the baby turns its rear end to the mother and delivers an odd white thing, which the mother catches with its bill and … Read more

Why Do Pigeons Bob Their Heads? Behavior Explained!

Why Do Pigeons Bob Their Heads

What is it with pigeons bobbing their heads? Are they dancing to the rhythms of nature? Are they enjoying their time? Are they trying to entertain us? The answer is simple – none of the above. Head-bobbing has a scientific explanation. It turns out that pigeons have to bob their heads to be able to … Read more

Why Are Swans Aggressive?

Why Are Swans Aggressive

As elegant and charming as they are, swans can also be quite aggressive sometimes. But why do they engage in such threatening behavior? Swans become aggressive primarily during the breeding and nesting season because they try to protect their mates and young. On the other hand, they tend to be more aggressive toward their conspecifics … Read more

Why Are Robins Associated With Christmas?

Why Are Robins Associated With Christmas

In the 19th century, the robin bird started gaining popularity as the most popular Christmas symbol. These gorgeous red-breasted birds appeared on holiday cards, wrapping papers, and gifts. They were also featured on multiple Christmas postage stamps. And truth be told, they still are in vogue around the winter holidays! But why the popularity? How … Read more