10 Birds That Eat Snakes

Laughing Falcon

Many snakes are elusive, thus being excellent at hiding from predators! Others rely on warning signals, biting, and constriction to fend off predators. Sometimes, however, they aren’t as lucky, especially if the enemy is a bird. Yes, you’ve heard it! Some bird species are excellent snake hunters! Although not all species listed below dare kill … Read more

What Do Ducks Eat?

what do ducks eat

Ducks are waterfowl closely related to geese and swans. Like all waterfowl, they have webbed feet, broad bills, and striking plumage in various colors. Ducks are always found in aquatic habitats, including wetlands, ponds, lakes, and rivers.  All ducks are omnivores and eat many foods, including aquatic plants, insects, worms, seeds, vegetables, small fish, mollusks, … Read more

What Do Owls Eat?

what do owls eat

Owls are large birds of prey with big eyes, hooked beaks, and strong talons. They live in many habitats worldwide, including forests, grasslands, and deserts. Owls are nocturnal animals with feathers adapted to silent flight.  They use their keen eyesight and hearing to hunt for prey, which includes small mammals, birds, and reptiles. Owls are … Read more

Top 10 Birds with the Longest Wingspan

Dalmatian Pelican wingspan

Can you imagine that some birds have a wingspan that can reach almost 4 meters (13 feet)? That’s as long as a car! In fact, you’ll soon learn that all the species listed below have a wingspan of more than 3 meters (9.8 feet) long! If you’re a bird enthusiast, you’ve probably already envisioned yourself … Read more

What Do Pigeons Eat?

what do pigeons eat

Pigeons are small birds often found in urban areas. They make a distinctive cooing sound while roosting and are well-adapted to human environments. Pigeons can also be pests because they flock together in large groups, which can cause damage to buildings and crops.  The common name of pigeon typically refers to the feral rock pigeon … Read more

How Long Do Peacocks Live?

how long do peacocks live

Peacocks are ground-dwelling birds well-known for the male bird’s colorful train of feathers. The three peacock species, or peafowl, are native to Asia and Africa. The name peacock refers to male peafowl specifically but has become the common name for the birds of these species.  The Indian Peafowl was introduced worldwide and is easily recognizable … Read more

Can Birds Eat Raisins? How to Feed Raisins to Birds?

birds eat raisins

What a joy it is to spend some time feeding the stunning birds that cross your yard from time to time! And how amazing it is that you’re taking the time to provide them with additional food sources and, most importantly, to understand whether the snacks are healthy or can harm these beautiful creatures. The … Read more

Do Birds Sleep? (How & Where)

How Do Birds Sleep

If you’re wondering whether birds sleep, you probably already spotted one standing on a branch with one of its eyes open or hanging upside down. Naturally, they look odd to the human eye, making us wonder whether they’re asleep. And do they, after all, sleep? The to-the-point answer is, yes, birds sleep, but their sleeping … Read more

Do Birds Eat Bees? (Also Wasps)

do birds eat bees

If you’re either a beekeeper or a bee enthusiast, you’re probably wondering whether birds pose a threat to their population, right?! Even bird enthusiasts might be asking themselves if bees can sting and hurt birds if they do prefer these insects as prey! So do birds eat bees, and if so, how exactly do they … Read more

Do Birds Get Cold?

do birds get cold

Lucky are the birds that fly south for the winter, aren’t they?! Despite having to cross thousands of miles of sky, these migratory species enjoy the warmth of the South while others stay put in the winter cold. But how do these non-migratory species, in fact, survive the freezing temperatures? Do birds ever get cold? … Read more