12 Types of Owls in Minnesota – with Pictures

With 10,000 lakes, Minnesota is a birding paradise. Despite the dramatic temperature swings, which can go from downright frigid to sunny and hot over several months, there is an incredibly range of avian friends to find. When it comes to owls, there are a dozen different species in Minnesota. Those in the northern part of … Read more

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Owls in Iowa: Explore 9 Amazing Species

Iowa has a reputation for being a series of cities, agricultural fields, and cattle farms, which might make you suspect that it isn’t ideal for seeing birds such as owls. On the contrary, the state is home to nine different species of owls, and many of them stick around all year long. That means whether … Read more

Owls in Oklahoma: 9 Types of Owls with Pictures

Owls are so incredibly interesting. They’re beautiful and unusual, and if you get the chance to see them hunting, then you know they’re extremely powerful. They’re also a bit more challenging to find than many other species of birds. Many migratory birds make their way through Oklahoma throughout the year, including a few species of … Read more

Owls in Colorado: Learn & Identify 12 Types of Owls

Colorado is home to hundreds of species of birds and 12 different owls. From Durango to Sterling, there are an endless number of places where you can view these majestic raptors. While the avian population has been declining in many areas, there are still many places in Colorado where the birds are still abundant. On … Read more

13 Types of Owls in Texas (Explained with Pictures)

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11 Species of Owls in North Dakota (with Pictures)

The central flyway is a stretch of the middle of North America where many birds live and migrate. North Dakota is smack-dab in the center of this flyway, which means that hundreds of species of birds live or cross through the state. If you’re a big fan of owls, North Dakota is an excellent place … Read more