9 Species of Woodpeckers in Louisiana

From the bayous to Driskill Mountain, Louisana has a wealth of beautiful areas to look for birds like woodpeckers.  There are eight species of these distinctive birds that you can find in Louisana fairly easily. Then, there’s one additional species that will earn you all kinds of accolades if you can find it. Don’t worry, … Read more

Woodpeckers in Iowa (7 Species with Pictures)

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8 Species of Woodpeckers in Kansas

Kansas is home to some of the very last parts of the tallgrass prairie, which once covered 170 million acres of North America. Not only is this a beautiful part of America to visit, but it also happens to be a favorite haunt of several species of woodpeckers. There are eight species of woodpeckers in … Read more

The Comprehensive Guide of 9 Types of Woodpeckers in Oklahoma

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Woodpeckers in Kentucky (7 Amazing Species with Pictures)

From the stunning Bluegrass region to the luscious Green River region, Kentucky is a pretty beautiful state with lots of places to experience the wonders of nature. For birdwatchers, Kentucky is a woodpecker wonderland. You can find seven species in the state and most of them are there all year long. You can take a … Read more

8 Types of Woodpeckers in Arkansas (Identification with Pictures)

As the home of the Ozarks and the birthplace of the first National River in the United States, Arkansas has some pretty beautiful landscapes. That makes it easy for visitors and citizens to spot wildlife such as woodpeckers.  There are eight woodpecker species in Arkansas, including the massive and majestic Pileated woodpecker and the petite … Read more

8 Types of Woodpeckers in Alabama

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7 Types of Woodpeckers in Tennessee (with Pictures)

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8 Amazing Woodpeckers in South Carolina (All Species Identified)

South Carolina extends from the beautiful coastline of the Atlantic to the highland peaks of the Appalachians. In between, there are beautiful parks, wilderness areas, cities, and forests. That means that woodpecker lovers have multiple opportunities to see the eight different species that make their home in the state. Congaree National Park, for instance, is … Read more