Why Do Birds Eat Rocks! Find Out About Gastroliths!

Why Do Birds Eat Rocks

One fascinating avian behavior has aroused the interest of scientists and enthusiasts – the ingestion of rocks. Did you know that birds aren’t the only animals that consume rocks? Besides birds, crocodiles, alligators, sea lions, and seals are also known to swallow stones. Paleontologists believe that this behavior goes back to when dinosaurs were alive! … Read more

Why Are Swans Aggressive?

Why Are Swans Aggressive

As elegant and charming as they are, swans can also be quite aggressive sometimes. But why do they engage in such threatening behavior? Swans become aggressive primarily during the breeding and nesting season because they try to protect their mates and young. On the other hand, they tend to be more aggressive toward their conspecifics … Read more

Why Are Robins Associated With Christmas?

Why Are Robins Associated With Christmas

In the 19th century, the robin bird started gaining popularity as the most popular Christmas symbol. These gorgeous red-breasted birds appeared on holiday cards, wrapping papers, and gifts. They were also featured on multiple Christmas postage stamps. And truth be told, they still are in vogue around the winter holidays! But why the popularity? How … Read more

11 Birds with the Shortest Lifespan

Common chaffinch

While some parrots or larger birds like American flamingoes can live up to 40, 60, and even 80 years old, other birds aren’t as lucky! Some do not even reach one year of age. As you’ll soon learn, these birds are quite small and face many predators and diseases in the wild. 11 Birds with … Read more

Dove vs Pigeon (All Differences You Need to Know)

Dove vs Pigeon

For many of us, doves have a special symbolism: whether messengers of peace or (unwitting) wedding celebrants, doves have long been associated with all things serene, peaceful, and happy. It’s no surprise that most birders are delighted to see and hear doves in the wild, whether perched in pairs on telephone lines, racing through cloudless … Read more

Do Owls Eat Cats?

do owls eat cats

It can be difficult to understand how animals of a similar size and rank in the food chain can become predators and prey. Though owls lack teeth to chew their food, their diet mainly consists of meat, even animals near the top of the food chain that you wouldn’t expect. There is a large array … Read more