10 Types of Owls in Alaska (The Guide with Pictures)

Alaska is an incredibly diverse state, with rugged mountains, vast wilderness, and extensive coastlines.  Among the many majestic creatures you can find making the “The Last Frontier” their home are ten different species of owls. From the majestic star of Harry Potter, the snowy owl, to the rare northern pygmy owl, there are so many … Read more

8 Species of Owls in Connecticut (The Complete Guide)

Connecticut is a pretty tiny state, but that doesn’t mean you can’t see a lot of different birds there. You can find eight species of owls in Connecticut, and most of them make the state their home all year long, so you can see them anytime you care to look. While you can certainly spot … Read more

8 Types of Owls in Louisiana (with Pictures)

Louisiana is smackdab in the middle of a migratory flyway for thousands of birds, so it’s the perfect place to look for all kinds of species, including owls. It also has a warm subtropical climate, lots of wilderness areas, and lots of forests to lose yourself in. There are eight species of owls that make … Read more

8 Types of Owls in Arkansas: All You Need To Know About

While it’s exciting to see hawks, vultures, and other day-time hunting raptors, it’s a special treat to see owls. These mysterious birds are harder to find, not just because they often hunt at night, but because they also often have incredibly good camouflage. Most of them are also silent hunters, though they’ll make interesting hoots, … Read more

Owls in Mississippi: 8 Species Explained to Identify

Because of its extensive coastline, the might Mississippi river, and wetlands, Mississippi is famous as a birding destination to see waterfowl and other water-loving birds. But the state also happens to be home to eight different owl species. Unique to the area is what is known as the spring “fallout” when migrating birds cross the … Read more

Owls in Florida: 8 Species You Want to Know About

As the southernmost US state and home to miles after miles of beaches (not to mention a warm, tropical climate), Florida is an attractive spot for retirees and wintering birds alike. The state is home to eight species of owls, but about half of them will only visit during the winter months when other parts … Read more

8 Types of Owls in Alabama (with Pictures)

With the Appalachian Mountains to the north and the majestic coastline to the south, along with National Parks and wildlife areas scattered in between, Alabama is a bird-watching hotbed. If you happen to be an owl lover, you’re in luck. Alabama is home to eight different owl species. Some live in the state all year … Read more

9 Types of Owls in Georgia (The Complete Guide with Pictures)

The Georgia coast, especially the southern areas, is perfect for birding since so much of the area is protected wilderness. But don’t forget about the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge and the Appalachian Mountains. The state also boasts many other wildlife refuges, where beautiful owls like to spend their time hunting and nesting. In fact, Georgia … Read more

8 Species of Owls in South Carolina (Identify with Pictures)

With its myriad sea islands, tropical climate, miles of beaches, and spectacular mountains, South Carolina has a lot going for it. That’s especially true if you are a fan of bird watching. The state is home to eight different owl species that dedicated watchers can find.  Five of these birds regularly make the Palmetto state … Read more

Owls in New Hampshire (8 Species Explained with Pictures)

With its vast expanses of wilderness and quaint, welcoming towns, New Hampshire is a bird-watchers paradise. Head out onto the Appalachian Trail or climb Mount Washington and you’re certain to find a massive array of birds, including eight different species of owls, which make New Hampshire their home either year-round or for just part of … Read more