What Do Sparrows Eat? (The Best Foods for Sparrows)

what do sparrows eat

Sparrows are small songbirds found worldwide, except in Antarctica. Two types of sparrows exist. Old World Sparrows are in the family Passeridae and are often referred to as True Sparrows. New World Sparrows are in the family of Passerellidae and look like finches. This family is most closely related to the Buntings and not closely … Read more

Where Do Penguins Live? (Origin and Distribution)

Emperor penguins in Antarctica

Penguins are aquatic birds in the family Spheniscidae. This family contains six genera and around twenty species of extant penguins. Scientists often dispute the characterization of certain species versus subspecies.  All but one species of extant penguins live below the Equator. They live on four continents, and different species occupy various habitats and climates. While … Read more

Red-Shouldered Hawk vs Red-Tailed Hawk | How to Tell Apart Them

Red-Shouldered Hawk vs Red-Tailed Hawk

There are few sights more beautiful or hypnotizing than a soaring hawk: the effortless command, the taut watchfulness, visible even from the ground – and if you’re lucky, the heart-stopping swoop of a bird descending on its prey. In the United States, our largest hawks are all in the genus Buteo, whose members are chiefly … Read more

9 Fabulous Long Necked Birds (ID with Pictures)

Great Blue Heron

Birds are one of nature’s most versatile and diverse groups. From hollow bones that allow them to fly to feathers that help conserve body heat, birds boast a wide variety of adaptations that help them survive across the globe. One such adaptation is the long neck. This is typically an adaptation for water birds, allowing … Read more

Can Ducks Eat Pumpkin? (Also Pumpkin Seed and Skin)

can ducks eat pumpkin

If you’re planning to grow ducks, you probably already know that providing them with nutritious foods is one of the most valuable secrets to growing healthy ducks! Or maybe you just want to feed the wild ducks you’ve spotted in a nearby park and wonder what they usually eat. In any case, we’ll tell you … Read more

10 Types of Green Birds (with Pictures and Information)

Red-Throated Barbet

Vibrant feathers typically make birds stand out in trees, but these green bird species tend to use their colors to hide amongst the leaves. If you are more interested in being able to distinguish one green bird from the next, this article covers some of the most common species of them. 10 Green Bird Species … Read more

Bluebird vs Blue Jay – The Key Differences

Bluebird vs Blue Jay Differences

Blue is an uncommon color in nature: blue pigments are chemically complex and costly for organisms to produce, and they’re not worth the expense for most organisms. Among birds, however, it’s much less rare than in other organisms (birds can produce color in their feathers without chemical pigments, a phenomenon called structural coloration). This means … Read more

How Long Do Hummingbirds Live? (Lifespan in the Wild and Captivity)

how long do hummingbirds live

Hummingbirds are tiny, often colorful birds with long, slender bills found within the family Trochilidae. More than 350 species of hummingbirds exist within this family and over 100 genera. These birds are some of the smallest on Earth. As a general biological rule, larger bird species with slower metabolisms tend to live longer, while smaller … Read more

Do Cardinals Mate for Life? (Also When They Mate)

do cardinals mate for life

Cardinals are a songbird species in the family Cardinalidae and are related to buntings and grosbeaks. The Northern Cardinal is native to North America, with a range that extends from southern Canada to Guatemala.  The bright red coloration of the male cardinal makes this species easy to identify. Female cardinals are also easy to spot … Read more

Can Ducks Eat Apples? [Answered]

can ducks eat apples

First and foremost, raising ducks implies learning everything about their feeding habits and nutritional needs, as these are the key to growing healthy and happy ducks! While it’s generally recommended to purchase commercial duck feeds that contain the “all-inclusive nutritional pack,” you can sometimes give them homemade treats. If you’re wondering whether you can feed … Read more