Can Ducks Eat Grapes? – Answered in Detail

Establishing a nutritious diet for our furry friends is challenging because we should always check whether the product we plan to offer them is safe or toxic. The same applies to ducks. 

If you want to add some tasty snacks into their diet, you should always check whether that specific fruit, vegetable, or seed won’t harm them. For example, many people think bread is an excellent food for ducks. In fact, it’s not a healthy choice at all! But what about grapes? Are these tasty fruits safe for these waterfowls?

Yes, ducks can undoubtedly eat grapes! But do they like grapes? And, besides, how could you feed them? Keep reading because you’ll learn exactly how to feed grapes to your ducks since you can’t just give them whole grapes!

Can Ducks Eat Grapes with Seeds?

Yes, ducks can eat grapes with seeds. However, we recommend buying grapes without seeds to facilitate ingestion and provide your waterfowls with a better experience! Besides this, seedless grapes will be digested much easier.

On the other hand, if you can’t find seedless grapes, at least make sure that the seeds aren’t too big. Some types of grapes have very large seeds your ducks may choke on. You can also remove the seeds from the grapes by using a straw. Just pierce it through the flesh, and the seeds will collect inside the straw.

can ducks eat grapes

Can Ducklings Eat Grapes?

Yes, ducklings can eat grapes. However, as we’ve already mentioned, it’s of utmost importance to never give them whole grapes. They need to be chopped into pieces – as small as possible! 

Besides, if you can choose between grapes with or without seeds for your adult ducks, you should certainly go for seedless fruits when feeding ducklings. This way, you’ll facilitate swallowing and ingestion. 

Health Benefits of Grapes for Ducks

Grapes are extremely healthy, and your ducks will certainly thank you for including them in their diet! Moreover, besides having a great nutritional value, these fruits have a sweet-tart taste ducks will delight in!

Grapes are like a bag full of vitamins and minerals! First, they contain Calcium, which is of utmost importance for a duck. Calcium sustains bone, muscle, and wing health. Moreover, these waterfowls require high calcium levels to produce healthy and strong eggshells.

The iron in grapes will prevent anemia in ducks by producing adequate hemoglobin levels to supply the duck’s body with oxygen. Grapes also contain Potassium, which controls muscle contraction and nerve signals. Manganese is another essential mineral in grapes. It improves Calcium absorption and fat and carbohydrate metabolism.

In terms of vitamins, grapes are full of vitamins A, C, D, and B6. Vitamin A, for example, sustains eye, bone, and ear health. Moreover, it plays an important role in protecting your ducks’ bodies from external agents.

Vitamins C and D, on the other hand, boost the immune system and improve egg quality and quantity. Last but not least, vitamin B aids the body in processing amino acids.

In short, adding grapes to your ducks’ diet is an excellent idea! However, don’t forget that they should only be offered as a treat. After all, no product is good if consumed in high quantities!

How Should You Feed Grapes to Your Ducks?

One important secret in feeding your ducks grapes is never to give them whole grapes, as they’ll most likely choke on them. Ducks often swallow their food without chewing it – you’ve probably already noticed this. So whole grapes are definitely a no-no. Moreover, these fruits can be covered in various pesticides and toxins, so you have to wash them thoroughly beforehand.

Another secret is to offer your ducks only ripe grapes. Once you’ve chosen and washed the fruits, chop them into small pieces. Afterward, you can use a potato masher to mash the grapes up. If you want your ducks to be even more surprised, make a fruit salad! Chop some apples, berries, bananas, and seeds, and mix them with the grapes. Put the bowl on the ground and let your ducks enjoy their treat!

How Often Can Ducks Eat Grapes?

Although grapes are rich in minerals and vitamins, they should only be offered to ducks as a treat. All vitamins and minerals are beneficial to their bodies as long as they are within the required limits. They’ll do more harm than good if the levels get too high.

Furthermore, grapes are high in sugar – which is why ducks love them! While they won’t mind feasting on grapes every day, you should limit the intake to just two to three grapes a few times a week.

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