What is a Group of Magpies Called? (All Collective Nouns)

a group of magpies

Magpies are social birds and flock together except during breeding season. Their colonies are often large and noisy, and they can create quite a mess with their droppings. These large flocks of magpies can cause a nuisance for humans, driving negative interactions between humans and magpies.  These intelligent birds flock together in complex social groups … Read more

Goose vs Duck: The Key Differences

Canada goose

In North America, waterfowl are one of the most diverse groups of birds that most of us are likely to see on a regular basis – over 40 different native species alone – and unlike most passerine birds (small, perching birds like pigeons, warblers, and sparrows), waterfowl are quite conspicuous. This diversity can be a … Read more

Male vs Female Bald Eagle Difference (Comparison Guide)

Male vs Female Bald Eagle

Seeing a Bald Eagle for the first time can be a life-changing experience. With a wingspan of up to eight feet, Golden Eagles are the only raptors on the continent that can rival them for sheer size – and Golden Eagles are rare in the eastern United States, where the majority of Americans live. Bald … Read more

Can Ducks Eat Grapes? – Answered in Detail

can ducks eat grapes

Establishing a nutritious diet for our furry friends is challenging because we should always check whether the product we plan to offer them is safe or toxic. The same applies to ducks.  If you want to add some tasty snacks into their diet, you should always check whether that specific fruit, vegetable, or seed won’t … Read more

Can Ducks Eat Tomatoes? All You Need to Know

can ducks eat tomatoes

Ducks are omnivorous animals, meaning they’ll eat both animal and plant matter. But what exactly do they eat? Do they enjoy fruits or vegetables besides grass and seeds? What about one of the most nutritious fruits we add to salads, the tomatoes? Here’s a short answer: yes, ducks can eat tomatoes. But will they? Let’s … Read more

Do Ducks Eat Fish? All You Need to Know

do ducks eat fish

There’s one thing we know for sure – ducks definitely enjoy eating seeds! But what else do they eat in the wild? Since they’re primarily aquatic birds and spend most of their time in the water, do they feed on fish species? We’ve noticed they often completely submerge under the water for feeding. Sea ducks … Read more

What Do Sparrows Eat? (The Best Foods for Sparrows)

what do sparrows eat

Sparrows are small songbirds found worldwide, except in Antarctica. Two types of sparrows exist. Old World Sparrows are in the family Passeridae and are often referred to as True Sparrows. New World Sparrows are in the family of Passerellidae and look like finches. This family is most closely related to the Buntings and not closely … Read more

Where Do Penguins Live? (Origin and Distribution)

Emperor penguins in Antarctica

Penguins are aquatic birds in the family Spheniscidae. This family contains six genera and around twenty species of extant penguins. Scientists often dispute the characterization of certain species versus subspecies.  All but one species of extant penguins live below the Equator. They live on four continents, and different species occupy various habitats and climates. While … Read more

Red-Shouldered Hawk vs Red-Tailed Hawk | How to Tell Apart Them

Red-Shouldered Hawk vs Red-Tailed Hawk

There are few sights more beautiful or hypnotizing than a soaring hawk: the effortless command, the taut watchfulness, visible even from the ground – and if you’re lucky, the heart-stopping swoop of a bird descending on its prey. In the United States, our largest hawks are all in the genus Buteo, whose members are chiefly … Read more

9 Fabulous Long Necked Birds (ID with Pictures)

Great Blue Heron

Birds are one of nature’s most versatile and diverse groups. From hollow bones that allow them to fly to feathers that help conserve body heat, birds boast a wide variety of adaptations that help them survive across the globe. One such adaptation is the long neck. This is typically an adaptation for water birds, allowing … Read more