Do Birds Have Teeth? (The Fact Revealed)

do geese have teeth

You’ve probably noticed tooth-like structures on some birds’ beaks and are wondering whether these are teeth indeed, right?! We must reveal the truth – no modern bird has teeth! However, this doesn’t mean they never had them! If you want to learn more, keep reading, as we’ve prepared some interesting details for bird enthusiasts! You’ll … Read more

Do Birds Have Tongues? (Also Taste Buds)

woodpecker tongue

Although further research is required to learn more about bird tongues, there is some information available that can help bird enthusiasts understand how these curious creatures feed and whether they have tongues that facilitate feeding. Scientists confirm that birds have tongues, but they’re different in every species. That’s because the tongue structure adapted to the … Read more

How Long Do Finches Live? [Finch Lifespan Revealed]

Zebra Finches

Finches are birds found within five families, Fringillidae, Thraupidae, Estrildidae, Passerellidae, and Emberizidae, in the songbird order Passeriformes. Hundreds of finch species exist within these families.  Because finches are such a diverse group of birds, their maximum longevity is also varied. Their average lifespan ranges from five to ten years, depending on the species and … Read more

Do Birds Have a Sense of Smell – Nose?

do birds have sense of smell - nose

Birds have a much different lifestyle than mammals or reptiles. As such, they’ve developed specific skills required to survive. It’s well-known that birds have excellent vision. But what about their sense of smell? Although it was generally believed that birds cannot smell, recent discoveries showed that many bird species are excellent smellers! However, the most … Read more

Do Birds Pee? How Is Their Urinary System Different?

do birds pee

We’re all familiar with the infamous white substance birds release in the most unfavorable moments, right?! Be it that it lands on our cars or even on us, we often wonder what it consists of. Is it poop? And, if it is, when do birds pee? They don’t seem to excrete anything else besides that … Read more

How Long Do Sparrows Live? (Sparrow Lifespan)

how long do sparrows live

Sparrow is the common name that describes the 43 bird species within the Old World Sparrow family, Passeridae. These birds are in a different family than the New World Sparrows, Passerellidae, which are more similar to finches and buntings than sparrows.  In general, sparrows are a short-lived species, averaging only around three years of age … Read more

Do Cardinals Eat Mealworms?

do cardinals eat mealworms

Cardinals are known among bird enthusiasts primarily thanks to their distinctive short, conical bill and conspicuous crest. Moreover, male cardinals have beautiful reddish plumage which distinguishes them from other species. But, above all, bird enthusiasts are probably fond of cardinals, northern cardinals precisely, because they’re often seen in huge flocks of thousands of birds foraging … Read more

Can Birds Eat Rice? (Also Rice Krispies and Cakes)

can birds eat rice

If you have birds in your yard or there are some in a nearby park, you’re probably wondering what you can do to help them – make the yard more attractive, install a bird feeder, or decide on what foods are best for them. So is rice out of the question, as the legend says? … Read more

Baby Cardinals (Facts You Didn’t Know)

Baby cardinals

Cardinals are beautiful red birds that are located in North America. They’re easy to recognize with their bright bodies, black-mask face, and crested head. Every year, these birds mate during the spring and summer and baby cardinals hatch. Baby cardinals are naked when they hatch. They quickly develop and are ready to leave the nest … Read more

How Long Do Pigeons Live? (The LIFESPAN of Them)

how long do pigeons live

Pigeons are medium-sized birds in the family Columbidae that occupy many habitat types on nearly every continent worldwide. Many pigeon species thrive in large, urban environments where few wild animals can survive. Common pigeons Columba livia, also called rock pigeons or rock doves, were introduced outside their native range of Europe, Asia, and North Africa … Read more